Ray Tolomeo Black & White Gallery 16 Hawaii and 80 to Virginia and 16 Updated 25 Feb 07

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Well, I did it again this year.  Come back from a wonderful trip to a nice warm, tropical spot on this planet and plop myself back into winter wonderland.  One day I'll wake up and just decide to stay where it is warm!

It was a short trip to Hawaii this time; 48 hours to be exact.  But my traveling partners and I managed to make the hike after work to Maunawili Falls and get back to the car before the early evening turned pitch black.  I think it was well worth it.  I hope you do too.  The winter shots are neat too.  Enjoy!

Prints of these photos are available for purchase.  Each signed, limited edition photograph is custom hand printed on the finest Black & White paper.  Email me with the prints that interest you.


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