So, let me tell you a little about Romeo. He was a wild bird, plucked from the jungle as far as we understood the pet store back then, and had a quarantine ring - I'll need to find a photo that shows it so we have it on the correct leg. It took me a long time training him on a stick in the bathroom to get him to the state I described in my initial email. In those early days, he was never in a cage and we never clipped his wings. When the kids came along things started to change. It was weird. He was instantly attracted to Nick. Scary attracted and we started caging him on occasion.

Well, he became quite unpredictable, maybe not surprisingly, and would bite hard at times. Deb has scars to prove it. But other times he would be very sweet. Jump way ahead. He was the king of the pets. Tori never went near his cage when she was the other pet and the cats never did either. They all just knew. Kind of crazy. In the past handful of years, Nick was the only one that could take him out of the cage without getting bit, but my chair in the living room was next to his cage and I could spend hours scratching him through the bars without any concern. And through all the transitions, whenever he saw Deb or she got close, he had this special sound and his pupils would dilate and constrict rapidly as she spoke to him. He also had this way of spreading his tail feathers that I think would be really cool/appropriate to capture his colors. I'm sure I don't have a photo of him doing that but I looked online and there are plenty of representative poses that I think you could use.

I knew figuring out how to fit him into this portrait would be a challenge with size perspective and such. On the way into work I thought, what if there was this craggy dead "tree" that he was sitting in over the other three? It would represent him being plucked from a tree, his status as the king over the rest, and be able to show his colors. I have a couple photos on my website, nature's end and nature's end III, that might work for reference.