Feb 7, 2016 at 9:33 PM

Hi Boris and Julie - Hope you are both well and enjoying SuperBowl Sunday.

Julie - I still don't have a painting of yours in my collection, and "unfortunately" I think I have an idea to fix that.  (hang with me here for a bit)

August this past summer, our Blue Front Amazon parrot (Romeo) died suddenly and unexpectantly.  We had him since the day before we got married, more than 28 years ago.  He was Deb's first baby, partner, playmate, and friend; especially, during my first deployment when I left 10 days after getting to the squadron and she didn't know anyone in the area.  He would sleep on the pillow next to her and go on car rides with her, standing on the steering wheel.

Yesterday, our 9-year old black-tuxedo cat (Boo) died, probably some kind of cancer.  He got sick not too long after Romeo died, and became a lap cat for Deb where he never was/never wanted to be before he was ill.
Tori was a German Sheppard/Lab mix that I got for Deb before I deployed during the first Iraqi war.  She was 12-years old and died in Deb's arms on Mother's Day 2002 while I was deployed for Operation Enduring Freedom.
We still have a 12-year old grey diluted tortie cat named, Stormy.  She was a storm drain rescue kitten that I surprised Deb with on her first birthday here in Virginia.
So....  I've been looking at your wildlife artwork and it is beautiful/amazing.  Deb likes the Red Fox (she likes all foxes) and she said the girl in Sheltered looks like her (I like that painting a lot).  I really like Krepki too, and the setting you have him in is fantastic.
OK.  I'm there now.  Would you be interested/could you do a painting of Tori, Romeo, Boo, and Stormy?  I envision something that would hang behind her office desk here, kind of with them looking out/down at her, in a setting like you have Krepki.  In a perfect world where you have nothing else to do with your time (smile), the painting would be hanging at IlluXCon (her birthday weekend) and we would see if she and/or Britt - if I can get her there this year - recognize the gathering.  I'm not looking for something big - seriously short of wall space here and finances a never ending concern.
In any case, please let me know what you think.
All the best.  Ray.