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Updated 15 Jul 18

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So....... I finally broke down and instead of buying a wonderful piece of artwork, I bought a DSLR camera - Sony A77 II.  It's rather overwhelming in and of itself.  However, taking it out to shoot is beyond overwhelming. 

First off, when are you done shooting?  How many different possible variations of the same scene can you shoot before you know you are done??  I have no idea.  And then, as expected, I'm spending an inordinate amount of time in front of the computer sorting through and analyzing every variation to determine which is "the best."  How many of the "other" files do you save??  And for how long??  Craziness, I'm tellin' ya!

In any case, first true outing was a couple weeks ago to the Pacific Northwest for a few days.  See if you think I picked a couple good ones of the more than 1300 shot in a 4-day period.  Right..... 

- Ray.

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Raymond Tolomeo

To those of you who have stumbled, or have been directed as it may be, to this website, you can blame it all on my good friend Maureen Monte.   She was persistent in her insistence that my photographs are good enough for public display - though you will now notice she has moved on from promoting her photography.

This is definitely a work in progress.  So if you come across a link that isn't working quite right, or something doesn't seem complete, feel free to email me and point it out.  

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