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Updated 22 June 19

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It's been a while (seems like I've said that before).  But, those of you that have been here a while know that spring/summer usually brings out an update featuring rain drops, critters, and flowering things - all up close and rather personal.  Difference this time is that it is all digital (there is hope, yet).  Besides, no way I would have attempted this, Jupiter and Galilean Moons on June 15 (opens in new window), with my film camera.

Hope you enjoy..... 

- Ray.

Thanks for Visiting and Enjoy!

Raymond Tolomeo

To those of you who have stumbled, or have been directed as it may be, to this website, you can blame it all on my good friend Maureen Monte.   She was persistent in her insistence that my photographs are good enough for public display - though you will now notice she has moved on from promoting her photography.

This is definitely a work in progress.  So if you come across a link that isn't working quite right, or something doesn't seem complete, feel free to email me and point it out.  

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